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foto_florian_pingerThat’s me. I started in my early years with writing for some newspapers. But shortly after an invention called “Internet” came into my sight I was addicted to programming. In my youth I built a common tutorial community, set up an intensive social project and started to design and develop medium-sized corporate sites for some agencies. While studying business administration I started my first business, a web development agency, and pushed into some larger, international projects.

After finishing my studies I got into an IT/business consultancy and advised some market-listed companies in two years concerning customer relationship management systems. Having my own company growing additionally I had to make a decision and got entirely into my own business by the age of 25. Concentrating primarily on the development of the web development agency, called exutec, I (co-)founded several companies out of the business of exutec. These are (in the order of establishment):

  • netsek, an online based office where advocates, doctors and journalists are able to digitally send in their dictations, which will be assigned to the best matching secretary by using an algorithm. The customers gets his dictate written down in a maximum of quality within 24 hours.
  • billardarea, the biggest online based sport portal for billiard sports in Germany and the only source of all official scores of (semi-)professional billiard games. We built the platform technically to be used by more than 30.000 active players and managed the sporting rights.
  • epresia, an ecommerce shop, aiming at recommending users the perfect present. Based on an immersive gamified interface experience, users describe a person to get gift recommendations from over 80 partner shops. The complex algorithm calculates these recommendations in just milliseconds, based on its given individual user preferences, while constantly learning from user feedback to improve the perceived quality.
  • recosphere, the B2B pendant to epresia: We offer the algorithm (with plenty of different & specialized modules) to big ecommerce shops. They are able to use our recommendation engine within a Software-as-a-Service-Model as a plugin to their own shop. With our recommendation they gain a big increase in their conversion rate.
  • flmstr, a newly created startup which will launch in the middle of 2016 as a crowdfunding platform for (cinema) movies.

Please keep in mind that this is a (humble) personal blog project – everything in this blog is my personal opinion and based on my own experiences. I invite you to comment any post or get in contact with me if you have any thoughts or questions about it. I apologize for my simple and sometimes wooden phrasing.

Do you have any questions, critics or ideas? Get in contact with me!