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    Breffka & Hehnke

    Transforming a century old family business with innovative branding

    A two-fold challenge.

    Breffka & Hehnke, a century-old insurance company spanning four generations, faced an emotional challenge: revitalizing their brand and changing the public perception of their industry.

    Their brand had weakened, struggling to connect with a younger generation, while the insurance sector was increeasingly perceived as profit-driven and detached from customer needs.

    This journey goes beyond a rebrand – it takes a timeless heritage into the modern world while restoring confidence in an industry that has often lacked personality and emotion.

    An ambiguous brand methaphore

    On the rounded side, the metaphor visualizes the long-standing expertise and broad know-how of B&H. The tip on the other end refers to the customized solutions that are individually tailored to the point.

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