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KKL Luzern

The web platform inspiring online venue booking around the world.

Advancing venue booking with the KKL Luzern B2B Webplatform
kkl luzern main concert hall
A direct impact
The goal of the website was to increase brand value and conversions. Through our collaboration, we created a page system that showed real results immediately.
Increased monthly website leads
Pages browsed per session
We built a seamless marketing funnel to increase direct bookings from B2B customers and enable direct online booking.
Our work focussed on building a technical solution and a marketing funnel to cater and increase the organic demand for spaces by enabling a direct online booking process and significantly improving website engagement. Through keyword research we seized the opportunity to build dedicated landing pages aimed at increasing organic traffic and that could serve as top funnel discoverability, attracting B2B customers and guiding them throughout the browsing and booking process. We enabled direct booking across a multitude of venues, increased organic discoverability, the websites engagement rate and created a tracking solution for conversion optimisation down the line.
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Creating the best online booking experience in the business
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Showcasing an architectural icon

Partnering for scalability and growth
As strategic partners, were currently providing guidance and advice for the future of the KKL B2C Experience. Our mission to turn this commited event venue into a digital benchmark has reached an important milestone, and were excited for the phases to come.
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&why: meeting room with people, workshop situation
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Building a digital brand and content platform for one of Europes most successful building companies.