RoomPriceGenie Product Design

Scaling up the most intuitive automated pricing software for independent hotels through outstanding UX.

Empowering hoteliers around the world
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Turning a calendar into hoteliers' most indespensable tool
Our discovery interviews confirmed the calendars key role in offering an accurate overview of pricing, occupancy, and pickups. After signing up, RoomPriceGenie had a 14-day window to convey its value and encourage users to activate the price auto-upload feature. The adoption of automation faced a trust issue: For most hoteliers, relying on a pricing algorithm was rather new and scary – they were skeptical. Helping them understand where suggested prices came from was key to long-term subscriptions.

UI instances as trust generators

We addressed users trust concerns by providing clear explanations and demonstrating the positive impact on business performance. Every tile of the calendar displayed all relevant information on hover, and deeper breakdowns were available on click.
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A dashboard that feels like home

We set ourselves to design a clean, informative, and understandable dashboard. After a quick glance at it, users get a clear picture of their property's performance over time. It also fosters transparency by explaining to them what the RoomPriceGenie algorithm does in the background.

user dashboard
prices and subscriptions
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Rebranding, digital design and website development to transform internationally renowned AI startup workist into a digital benchmark.