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    An immersive 3D experience to showcase GWH latest sustainability report.

    Communicating sustainability without cliché

    GWH stands out as one of the largest housing companies in Germany. Looking for an unusual and unconventional approach for the publication of their latest sustainability report, we created an extraordinary experience. 

    As part of the rebranding we had the pleasure of doing with GWH earlier this year, we provided the brand with a completely new, reduced yet colorful 3D look. For the sustainability report, we created an abstract world of cubes - a metaphor for the brand's logo - punctuated by lush grass and excitingly lit scenes.

    Diving deep into 3D

    Employing Blender, with its procedural generation capabilities, and TYPO3, we were able to created a mesmerizing 3D experience. The bricks in the scene serve as a metaphor for the logo of GWH, showcasing their vibrant brand colors. To infuse a touch of nature, we incorporated elements of lush grass into the composition.

    Make a journey through “sustainability island”

    Visitors travel through the "World of Sustainability," where each station is specifically designed to fit the content. They can immerse themselves in greened houses, nocturnal neighborhoods and bar charts on the edge of the island.

    From start to finish.

    We are very proud that we were able to deliver every aspect of this project. From conceptualization to screen design, 3D rendering, animation, and technical implementation, we executed everything in-house.