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    Humana VR Experience

    Fostering brand transparency through immersive storytelling.

    A new way to excite stakeholders and distributors

    Humana approached us with an intriguing idea to excite their stakeholders and distributors: showcase their new, state-of-the-art production facilities in a creative way.

    Their new 10000 square feet facility was built from the ground up with sustainability in mind, and they wanted everyone that has a hand in creating their products to understand and experience their commitment and processes for the future.

    Our main idea was to allow Humana’s stakeholders to visit the new plant, from anywhere in the world. But the cool factor of 360 images and video was not enough to convey their message, so we deployed a non-linear storytelling format that allowed them to choose their own path and specific interests in the future of the company. Defining unique interactions, story modules, and educative content and enabling deep exploration for different audiences.

    Concept &


    Concept &


    Technology & Development

    We chose Virtual Reality as our enabling technology and wrote a modular story that could be experienced in different ways. Simply put, the users could traverse the factory whichever way they liked, entering deeper as their interest was peeked, or changing directions whenever they wanted, encountering unique stories of the employees and the company along the way.

    The story also showcased the proven and secure production process of the Humana myPack and other products.

    A hybrid VR experience

    We knew the most authentic way to show the facilities was by taking the users to the real place. We captured traditional and 360 footage around the facility, while also conducting interviews that would help guide the story. However we knew that 360 video = BORING, so we set out to create a set of interactions that would blend seamlessly with the videos and made the user’s feel like their reality was being “augmented”. By the use of their hands they could use different mechanisms to navigate and interact with the world. Using the then newly-released Oculus Quest headset and Unity, we authored unique systems that allowed us to anchor 3D elements to the 2D video environments in a way that felt natural and innovative.

    Part of making this available for all of Humana’s stakeholders was making the experiences flexible enough for everybody to consume, even if you are uncomfortable with VR experiences. Using the power of Unity, we set out to create a cross-platform application, reutilizing most our our code systems to create not only a VR app, but an iPad application that accomplished the exact





    The main symbol of the companies transparency about their sustainable practices and their future.

    Our Humana experiences were shipped and presented in 24 different countries to Humana’s investors, collaborators and key partners.

    "It's incredible how much we have achieved within the first year of our partnership. Our omni-channel VR-experience has really changed the brand and introduced a new era for us."

    -Iris Behrens, Head of Global Marketing at Humana

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