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    Brand Strategy, Identity and Visual Design for the automated pricing software startup RoomPriceGenie.

    Brand Strategy and Identity Design

    RoomPriceGenie is the most intuitive automated pricing software for indenpendent hotels. In the last years they have been growing intensively, helping many hoteliers get the right prices and best utilization for their rooms. We worked in close collaboration with RoomPriceGenie to develop a strong brand strategy and unique identity design that spreads passion, emotion and empathy. The new brand strategy and design make them a Benchmark in the SaaS startup category and ready to grow even further.

    What we did: Brand Strategy, Visual and Verbal Identity, Art Direction, Motion Design, Interaction Design

    See it live and in action on roompricegenie.de.

    Our Process

    We started the process by listening to the teams and immersing ourselves in the hotel industry. We learned that their drive to create the best experience for their guests is fueled by a deep passion and love for detail. The new identity reflects that passion in its core elements and attention to detail. Every touchpoint is crafted beautifully and matches the hoteliers love for their craft.

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