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    Allaboutmyhouse AR Room Planner

    Creating the future of online retail during a global pandemic through Augmented Reality and Unity.

    Context & Brief

    A german conglomerate of physical retailers approached us to venture into the future of e-commerce. Their portfolio of companies offers different house remodeling services and goods, specifically floors and furniture.

    In the context of a global pandemic, where the impact of lockdowns on physical stores was at an all-time high, we set out to bring the best of their services directly to consumers' homes.


    We created an Augmented Reality application combining the services of WTK, Bullfrog Design & Fussboden Profis to offer clients an all-in-one house remodeling tool.

    Through the app, the clients are able to visualize floor tiles in their own spaces, and place furniture pieces on top of their real room to make informed decisions and safe purchases.

    Technology & Development

    The project was developed over the span of 3 months, in which we collaborated closely with the teams from each of the shops, creating optimized and configurable 3D assets that would be flexible and performant enough for the experience. We made the decision to use cutting-edge services for the application, landing on Unity MARS as our main platform. With MARS, we were able to quickly iterate many different AR requirements to make the app run in any context while being able to switch the type of product that is being showcased. Finally, the app connects to the shopping carts of the different services and takes the user to the pertinent checkout process when requested.

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