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    Iba Bakery Tours

    Refreshing the perception of a traditional profession through Virtual Reality Storytelling

    The Client Brief

    More than 70,000 visitors from over 60 countries in 5 days. The numbers speak for themselves: iba is the world-leading trade fair for baked goods.

    As the global meeting point for baking industry professionals, they wanted to create something unique for their customers both in terms of brand experience and a wow-factor.

    So we decided to bring the very best of the baking world to iba, and transport attendees to the very best locations, visiting its biggest “rockstars” in their stunning bakeries.

    A Global Reach

    After lots of planning, we chose six bakeries in five different countries that would best represent the iba network through their outstanding work. San Francisco Athens Vienna Dusseldorf Reykjavik Stuttgart The &why team traveled there to record 360 videos of the selected bakeries and hear their very unique stories.

    The result was an application where exploration and discovery are highly encouraged. After all, It’s not the same when you hear it from someone else, and when you can experience it all by yourself 😉





    Technology & Development

    Within 2 months, we gathered more than 1000 hours of 360° video material, conducted in-depth interviews, and produced documentary content. These pieces were also used for digital signage, promotion, and social media.

    We used Unity to create a bespoke VR application for the Oculus Go that could display the 360 content we had filmed, but also gave the user control of what they wanted to do, integrating layers of context on top of the media.

    Within few hours, our stand turned into a major attraction and was highly discussed on social media.

    The experience became the trade fair's emotional center piece that built authentic buzz and interest within the industry.

    More than 95% of users came to the booth by recommendation from other visitors and spent more than 10 minutes on average exploring the content.

    The app has since been updated for Oculus Quest headsets and used around the world every year.

    “The iba VR experience really was the shining star at our last trade fair. It showed the visitors the future in an immersive experience that took them around the world to the best bakeries. Great work and collaboration by everyone involved. We’ve since exported it to fairs in the US and Taiwan and people still ask us about it.”

    -Dieter Dohr, CEO of GHM

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