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    Opti Trade Fair

    Visualizing Brand Positioning in the Optical industry through Virtual Reality.

    Context & Brief

    Opti is an annual trade fair that brings together the best opticians in Germany. Their organizing partner GHM approached us about creating a unique experience for their latest edition.

    The goal was to show up-and-coming opticians the state of the market and the different sub-markets available so, in the end, they could learn how the leaders in the country are currently operating.


    Our idea was based on creating a unique exploration space on the floor of the Trade Fair. Through a Virtual Reality experience, we would allow users to physically explore the content we created.

    First, they would take an interactive quiz to determine their interests and background, so we could suggest to them the best submarket to explore. Then they would have to physically walk into a portal that would transport them to a leading shop in Germany, where they could explore how the leaders do it through a mix of 360 video, interviews and other media.

    Technology & Development

    We choose the Meta Quest platform to develop the experience, as we wanted to fully take advantage of the 6 degrees of freedom it provides the user. We drew pentagons on the floor of the fair, delineating the boundaries of the area each user had available, where they could walk around freely. For the quiz, we designed a series of knobs and hand interactions in a stylized holodeck-like environment to play a nice contrast to the real world they would visit later. Using Unity as our development platform allowed us to seamlessly combine the different types of media we had created for the app, as well as re-utilizing our previously developed systems for the Meta platform.

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    Through two days, the immersive area of the fair was visited by approximately 13,000 users, garnering great feedback on its unique format and educational benefit.

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